Admission to Orchid Fair 2017 includes repotting demonstrations being presented that day.

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Orchid Fair 2017 Speaker Schedule

Orchid Fair 2017 will feature regularly scheduled Orchid Repotting Demonstrations, presented by experts from the OSA. Learn the best way to repot those new plants for continued success! Demonstrations last approximately 20-30 minutes with an opprotunity to ask questions. Please see below for the full schedule:

Friday April 7, 2017 Location: Show Sales area
Time Speaker Topic
1:00 pm Karl Strickler: Re-Potting Demonstrations
2:00 pm Iwana Nonay: Re-Potting Demonstrations
3:00 pm Dean Chesterman: Re-Potting Demonstrations

Saturday April 8, 2017 Location: Show Sales area
Time Speaker Topic
10:30 am Fred Pon: Re-Potting Demonstration
11:30 am Charlene Lang: Re-Potting Demonstration
12:30 pm Barrie Corry: Re-Potting Demonstration
1:30 pm Jim Spencer: Re-Potting Demonstration
2:30 pm Darrell Albert: Re-Potting Demonstration
3:30 pm Dean Chesterman: Re-Potting Demonstration

Sunday April 9, 2017 Location: Show Sales area
Time Speaker Topic
11:00 am Terry Letendre: Re-Potting Demonstrations
12:00 pm Hank Tan: Re-Potting Demonstrations
1:00 pm Gordon Heaps: Re-Potting Demonstrations
2:00 pm Lothar Auschrat: Re-Potting Demonstrations
3:00 pm Sandy Bedford: Re-Potting Demonstrations